When all the Prophecies accelerate the day!

A Watch and a Compass of the Bible[God the Mother]

2017 has already begun! What’s your plan this year as as children of God the Mother? All the prophecies accelerate the day when we will return to heavenly home with God the Mother. All people on the earth may conceive this great hope in their innermost. For this goal, what are you going after? A good reputation as a professor? To be a man of wealth? Or anything else as a believer? I focus on other things as a member of the WMSCOG.

In the world, there are two kinds of believers. Do you focus your attention just on your watch? I, as the one who follow God the Mother, want to focus my attention on the points of the compass of the Bible. What’s yours between these two ways? All the prophecies of the Bible say together, “The day is very near when you return to heaven’s kingdom!” That is, they are accelerating the day when we’ll receive the crown of life.

[God the Mother]Do not stick to the Past!

A few days ago, I met a man, who was attending the Catholic church. He was waiting for the bus in the afternoon. I showed him a newspaper which reported UN CERF invited the WMSCOG. Reading the articles, he was very surprised that the UN CERF invited the WMSCOG to its high-level conference. “Amazing to be invited to a high-level conference of the United Nations!”

But, I replied, “You are missing what I truly mean!”. Of course, it’s great thing to be invited to the United Nations. “You are to see what the general pastor of the WMSCOG said!”

General pastor explained in a high-level conference as follows:

“The Church of God believes in God the Father and God the Mother in the Bible, and keeps the new covenant truth established by Jesus Christ!”

When I pointed out this, he wondered that the WMSCOG believes in God the Mother and keeps the new covenant. He said, “Look around you. So many churches in the world. However, even Catholic church has never taught the existence of God the Mother! And, what’s the new covenant? Truly did Christ Jesus establish it 2000 years ago? I’ve never heard or read it in the Bible!”

Then, I said to him, “Do not stick to the past! But, listen to what the Bible says to you. Listening to the Bible is better than to the traditions of the church!”

God the Mother in the Bible!

He was very busy on that day and it was so cold. I asked him, “Do you truly trust in the Bible as God’s words? Are you ready to acknowledge what God says to you?” And, I showed him God’s words as follows:

Are you not aware of what the law says? ~ These things may be taken figuratively, for two women represent two covenants.~ But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother  ♣ Gal. 4:21~26

I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover~ This cup is the new covenant in my blood~ ♣Lk. 22:14~20

“All these were written by those who were saved by Christ Jesus, whom you believe in! Christ Jesus said, “He who belongs to God hears what God says and my sheep listen to my voice.

From now on

Please, remember that your time in the past cannot save you at all. What is worse, if you were led by the false church, then, it is of no use. The more you remain there, the more you will do evil things. Do not stick to your watch but to points of the compass of the Bible.

How about forgetting what is in the past and straining toward what is ahead! Let us pressing on toward the goal to receive the crown of life the Spirit and the Bride? God the Mother will lead us to eternal heaven’s kingdom!




God the Mother’s Glory in UN CERF!
The New Covenant[God the Mother] in our minds!