Viewed from the eternal world!

[How about looking at things from a different angle while following “God the Mother“?]⇔So many things even in a day. Some of them are so important while some trivial. And, sometimes, a conflict of opinions. Today, who had opposite views against you and who was of the same opinion? Even friends sometimes disagree. Not everyone will agree with you at all! This is why you should not stick to your own opinion! You shouldn’t force your ideas on other people.

Then, how was it today with your soul? While attending the World Mission Society Church of God[WMSCOG], I came to have a new angle on the problem. That is, now, I view something from a different standpoint. I had a narrow point of view before realizing Elohim God’s great love toward me! Christ Ahnsahnghong broke an erroneous point of view through the Passover love, and “God the Mother” is leading me to heavenly home, saying, How about looking at things from a different angle?


God the Mother

Do you think that there’ll be nothing after death? Or, that it’s your destiny to suffer from all things day and night? Or, that there’ll be no living way to the angelic world? No one can give us the true answer, except Elohim God[Revelation 22:17]. If you learn the truths of life from Elohim God in the WMSCOG, then, there’ll be great changes in your life!

Viewed from the eternal world, our life is too short. We should not live just for something temporary, but live for what is everlasting! Today, what did you do for your own soul?

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