“The depth of the Well”

To  know the depth of a well, just throw a stone into it.

Paddling well makes big sound, while deep well takes long time to the bottom and the stone leaves resonant and lingers on for a long time as its depth.

Likewise, our mind’s depth can be known by just a word of others.

If we are shaken easily by other’s negative word, it testifies that our mind are not deep.  But, those with the mind like deep well do not

react to the word easily and after thinking deeply and accept it.

People tend to gather to such those with abundant and deep mind, and  slake a thirst and get new power.

For deep faith, we need to try to get deep mind first.

-Mother’s Wish..-

God the Mother
God the Mother
Even though it is small and nothing special!
‘How could “God the Mother” come in human form?’