pWe can find world-famous seafood in Galicia, which is located in Northwest Spain. It is the goose-neck barnacles[percebes], which is called “the perfect taste from the sea” by gourmets. Since they are attached to the surfaces of rocks where there are strong waves, it is impossible to catch them on the boat. They have to dive into the wild sea.


Behind the fisherman who does such a dangerous work, relying on the rope tied around his waist, there are people who hold the rope on the boat. They quickly pull the rope when the diver is in danger. The boat, too, gets in danger because of big waves. Whenever the waves break over the boat, the boat can crash onto a rock or capsize.


ppThat’s why people who get on the boat are limited. They are nobody but the diver’s family; because only they will pull the rope to the last, risking their lives from being swept away along the waves.♣♣ From Elohist♥♥


Ahnsahnghong is a cult because he is totally different from the mainstream of Christianity.
The greatest miracle in the world