O Jerusalem, put on your garments of splendor!

[Source]Cult Research Center

=WMSCOG=How can we describe Heavenly Mother’s earnest heart? No one in the world. Neither you nor I! Heavenly Mother yearn for Her lost heavenly children. Now, God the Mother is calling Her lost children into the World Mission Society Church of God!
The first time to hear about God the Mother with the WMSCOGGod the Mother has already come to the earth to seek and to save Her lost children. However, some people say against God the Mother: “Is it necessary for you to come in the flesh? If you are God Almighty, you are to save all your children with just one word. Why do you make such efforts and suffer such grief?” 

[Source]Cult Research Center 

How can we describe the mind of a mother with the idiom “Mǔ Yuán Duàn Cháng” (母猿斷腸: a mother monkey’s torn intestines)? This Chinese proverb indicates heart breaking grief.1)

General Huan Wen of the Jin Dynasty (265-420) was sailing in a valley on the Yangtze River in order to attack the Shu Dynasty. A soldier on the ship had captured a baby monkey and brought it on board. The mother monkey desperately chased after the ship to save her baby, screaming bitterly. Noticing the monkey following in pursuit, the ship stopped and she jumped on board. The mother monkey had already died when Huan Wen approached her. The belly of the monkey seemed weird. When they cut her abdomen open, the intestines were torn to pieces.


This is the story of a mother monkey’s burning love towards her child. Even a creature such as the monkey has profound maternal love then, what about God? The Bible says that we had been God’s children with the appearance of spirits in heaven before we came to the earth.
Heavenly Mother’s love that touches our hearts!
Parents of our bodies and Parents of our souls