My dream for heavenly home!

Elohim God’s love! Neighborly love!

World Mission Society Church of God=I have a dream within Elohim God[Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother]! Where are U going, now? What’s your goal of your life on this earth? I have a dream of reigning forever in heavenly kingdom. I’m looking forward to returning to the angelic world where we all had lived with heavenly glory! Did you find the answer to this question, “Where were you before coming to this earth?” Now, come to the WMSCOG where you can meet Elohim God.

Christ ‘Ahnsahnghong‘ will lead us to heavenly home!

The WMSCOG is practicing Elohim God’s love, neighborly love! All over the world, you can meet members of the WMSCOG. Look around you! They are ready to welcome you. Here, click {Cult Research Center} about the WMSCOG and Elohim God!

WMSCOG is practicing neighborly love!
[WMSCOG] Why did He have to come as a Son?
Cactus fruit! 🙂 🙂