Nepal rescue heroes face incredible stress, challenges


Craco 마을, 지진, 분실, 지진 영향, 남풍 이탈리아, 버려진 마을, 유산

“Both local and foreign disaster responders face incredible challenges of resources, logistics, threats to personal safety and stress, but the response must continue. This large earthquake in a country with a diffuse population, shoddy infrastructure and minimal disaster training threatens to produce a massive death toll.”

Some days ago, in Nepal there was a big disaster caused by magnitude 7.8, huge earthquake. So for overcoming and responding, many unsung heroes have arisen. Even though there are so many difficulties and the responders are being in danger of their personal safety and stress, they are not giving up in the situation and doing their best with all the efforts. This is very touching.

As like this, I think that we also should have same mind when we preach the Gospel to the world. We are the people, namely, the saints who learned the true love from our Heavenly Mother who is source of love. So, we cannot stop to deliver the truth which makes us be able to overcome and pass all the disasters for others. Let’s preach the Passover diligently to many people who didn’t keep yet it like the responders are doing now!       

Viewed from the eternal world!
Contrary to your expectation!