‘How could “God the Mother” come in human form?’

Are you coming to the WMSCOG where your heart will be filled with great joy? I’m sure that you will find heartfelt satisfaction only in the WMSCOG. No? Impossible? But the Bible says that it’s only “God the Mother” who can afford you satisfaction! In other words, according to the prophecies of the Bible, “God the Mother” has come in human form. Ever heard about the truths of “God the Mother“? If NOT, you may think as follows!

  • The existence of “God the Mother” through the Bible?
  • ‘How could God come in the flesh?’
  • Moreover, “God the Mother” have already come in the flesh?

Most of Christians conceive these questions when it comes to “God the Mother“! To begin with, you are to know that the prophecies of the Bible are from God the Savior. They are lights shining in a dark place[2 Peter 1:19] Who in the world can  feel heartfelt satisfaction before death? No one in the world, both physically and spiritually! Whatever you do without ‘eternal life’ will be nothing but ‘short-lived’ satisfaction in the end. Now, are you following the One who is the source of eternal happiness? That is, are you following “God the Mother” for the kingdom of heaven? God gave us the Bible to lead us to “God the Mother” in human form[Galatians 3:24, 4:26, Revelation 1:1, 19:7~9, 21:9~10, 22:17]! Please, pay attention to this good news, not talking to yourself, ‘How could “God the Mother” come in human form?’

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