Heavenly Mother’s love that touches our hearts!

[World Mission Society Church of God & Neighborly Love]We use so many words even in a day. And, some of them touch our hearts. We can neither hear the love of mother nor see it. However, U can feel how earnestly mother loves U! Then, just physically? No! This is the same with our spirits. To begin with, do U know that Elohim God have come in the flesh to grant us eternal salvation?
WMSCOG practices neighborly love!


All over the world, members of the WMSCOG are practicing neighborly love, following Elohim God’s examples. In these days, people seem to love just themselves. However, at the same time, most people want to be loved by someone! As for U, is it easy to love another? As for me, it’s difficult. This will be the same with U!

Christ Ahnsahnghong & the Gospel!


But, we can practice this neighborly love within Elohim God! Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother set us examples! How about visiting Cult Research Center for more information?

God the Mother has already Come!



WMSCOG believes in Elohim God according to the Bible
O Jerusalem, put on your garments of splendor!