God the Mother’s Glory in UN CERF!

God the Mother’s Love!

Do you remember what happened On December 13, 2016? God the Mother‘s glory shined in UN CERF by General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol. The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund(UN CERF) invited the WMSCOG to its high-level conference. There General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol introduced the WMSCOG. At first, he gave all glory to Elohim God, emphasizing God the Mother‘s love.

Reading the article, I thought that no one can stop the prophecies of the Bible from being fulfilled at all. I never thought of this kind of thing before. But, now, I believe that there’ll be more great thing than this. Still, many people have no idea of God the Mother’s coming in the flesh.

However, according to the Bible, the glory of God the Mother will shine throughout the world.

Heavenly Jerusalem(God the Mother)

Ever read the Bible? There are two kinds of Jerusalem. And, ever learned that Heavenly Jerusalem represents God the Mother? In this last age, the glory of Heavenly Jerusalem will shine all over the world. It’s God’s will for our salvation.

Give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth!—Isaiah 62:7

But the Jerusalem that is above, and she is our Mother!—Galatians 4:26

God will bring about what He said through the Bible, without delay. Before these prophecies, we should not be stiff-necked. If you stick to a fixed idea that only God the Father exists, then, you cannot join these prophecies.

Gospel Workers of God the Mother’s Coming

Now, members of the WMSCOG are very eager to spread God the Mother‘s glory to 7 billion people. It will be done very rapidly. Today, I preached gospel with the subject of ‘Heavenly Family and Earthly Family’. He was surprised at the existence of God the Mother in the Bible. He brought his own Bible to find out Galatians 4:26, and said, “Incredible! I’ve never found this great thing up to now. Am I blood?”

How about you? Are you feeling God the Mother‘s warm love?

God the Mother, the Mystery of the Gospel
When all the Prophecies accelerate the day!