Do you know the God exist as two? [WMSCOG]


2023-10-30 14:37


Do you know the God exist as two?
Many christian believe the God as Savior.
But they believe the God as God the Father.

Have you heard about the God who exist as two?
The bible testify the God who exist as two.
If the God exist just one, why the bible recorded the God as two?
Let’s confirm about this, God who exist as two.

Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלֹהִים,) is a plural noun which means ‘Gods in Hebrew’.
In the Hebrew Bible, which is the original source of the Old Testament, the word Elohim is used together
with the singular nouns El (Hebrew: אל), and Eloah(Hebrew: אֱלוֹהַּ), to designate God.
‘Elohim’ appears more than 2,500 times in the 39 books of the Old Testament and is the most used term
to describe God. Interpreted as ‘Gods,’ this expression implies that there is not just one God. In fact,
the Bible helps us realize the truth that God is ‘two’ through the image of a human being, God’s creation.

ERV Genesis 1:26-27
Then God said, “Now let’s make humans in our image and in our likeness ···
So God created them in his image. In the image of God he created them.”
He created them male and female.

God created humans using His likeness and image as a model, and He created male and female.
This means that there are two Gods, God in the male image and God in the female image.
God who created the heavens and the earth is not one but two.

Gods, that is, this is not the only evidence of the existence of two Gods.
The Bible testified through the expressions, ‘Elohim’ and ‘Us’ about God who reigns over
whole world is two Gods who do the work.

Genesis 11:5-7
But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building.
The LORD said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this,
then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.
Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand
each other.”

Isaiah 6:8
Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people?
Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.”

We can confirm that when God was going to stop the construction of the Tower of Babel of arrogant
humans, God used the word ‘Us’, and even when looking for people to preach the gospel,
God also called Themselves ‘Us’. This is evidence that God who leads the work of salvation is ‘Elohim’,
that is, two Gods.

Many Christians insist that God is only one by quoting the verses, “The only Father we have is God
himself” (John 8:41), and “one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all ···”
(Ephesians 4:5-6).

To precisely understand God’s words, “one God Father of all, a person just needs to look at Adam and
The reason is, Adam and Eve were created in the likeness and image of God. In other words,
the original image, ‘God,’ can be understood through the copied images ‘Adam and Eve.’

Adam and Eve created in God’s image., are clearly two distinct people.
However, the Bible testified that they were ‘one person.’

NLT Romans 5:12-15
When Adam sinned, sin entered the world ··· even those who did not disobey an explicit
commandment of God, as Adam did ··· For the sin of this one man, Adam,
brought death to many ···

The Bible records that sin entered the world through one man, Adam. But actually, it was Eve, not Adam,
who sinned first (Genesis 3:6). Accordingly, it should be recorded as the sin of one person Eve, or it
should have been recorded as the sin of two people, Adam and Eve.
The person who sinned was two people, but it was recorded as one person because Adam represents the two.
No one interprets this as saying that Eve did not sin.

Adam and Eve, who are copies, exist as two distinct persons, but are represented as one person, Adam.
The same is true of God who is the original. Although God the Father and God the Mother exist as two
Gods they can be expressed as one God.

The scenes of God Elohim leading the work of salvation are contained throughout the Bible.
The following is a record of two Saviors described in the last chapter of the Bible.


Revelation 22:17
The Spirit and the bride
 say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!”
Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the
water of life.

This is a prophecy that the Spirit and the Bride will give the water of life without cost to all humankind.
It is only God, the Savior, who has the power to give the water of life (Jeremiah 2:13, John 4:14).
The fact that the Spirit and the Bride give the water of life that only God can give means that the Spirit and the Bride are our Saviors.
That is, the Holy Spirit and the Bride are Elohim, that is God the Father and God the Mother,
who created humankind by saying,
Let us make human beings in our image in our likeness” at the time of creation .

God the Mother has come to this earth in this last age of the Holy Spirit to grant eternal life to all humankind.
The job of finding the lost children is not only the Father’s.
The only church that believes in God Elohim; God the Father and God the Mother,
is the World Mission Society Church of God.
This means that you can meet the two Gods who created the heavens and the earth and who reigns
over the whole universe there.

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  • 2023-10-30 14:48

    Even though many christians deny a existence of God the Mother, God the Mother surely exist.
    The bible which all christians recognize already testify existence of God the Mother.
    We should believe the God the Mother.
    Because only God the Mother can give the eternal life to us.
    When we believe the God the Father and also God the Mother, we can be saved.

  • 2023-10-31 04:43

    The word ‘us’ seems like a riddle as we try to fit it into the frame that God is one!
    The word God includes Father God and Mother God. Through the word Elohim, we can realize that God exists as two Gods, not one God. Elohim means Gods.
    This means that there is not one God, but two or more.
    The Bible testifies to the existence of God the Father and God the Mother.
    You can be saved only by believing in God Elohim, that is, God the Father and God the Mother, which are written 2,500 times in the Bible.

  • 2023-10-31 04:46

    The Bible testifies to the existence of God the Mother from Genesis to Revelation.
    The Church of God believes in God Elohim, as evidenced by the Bible.
    Godthemother came to this earth in Holy Spirit era to grant eternal life to mankind.
    We must believe in and accept Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, who are the Holy Spirit and the Bride who came for our salvation, in order to receive eternal life and receive the blessing of salvation.
    I hope that all of you who have fully believed in and accepted God the Father and God the Mother, who are the Holy Spirit and the Bride, will realize and accept God Elohim in the Church of God, gain eternal life, and reach the path of salvation.

  • 2023-10-31 05:56

    The Bible testifies that there are two Gods. According to the evidence of the Bible, you must believe in Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother

  • 2023-10-31 13:18

    What we call the God as God the Father means that God the Mother exits as well as God the Father.
    if there is no God the mother, why we call the God as God the Father?
    existence of God the Father shows us existence of God the Mother.

  • 2023-11-04 14:30

    Most Christians believe that there is only one God.
    In Genesis 1:26, God said “us.”
    If there is only one God, he must say “my.”
    Looking at verse 27, we can see that the people created in the image of God are male and female.
    This shows that there are two Gods, one in the male form and the other in the female form.
    We must believe in God the Father and God the Mother as testified by the Bible.

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