Following the path “God the Mother” walked![WMSCOG]

To begin with, I give all thanks to God the Mother for waking up my soul when I was in a deep sleep. A few years ago, Elohim God granted me a new life for the kingdom of heaven through the baptism.[World Mission Society Church of God]

Sometimes, I hesitated to preach the Gospel of the kingdom of heaven. There were so many reasons for hesitation. Sometimes, in lack of courage, sometimes in lack of knowledge. However, above all, I couldn’t preach the Gospel boldly when I forget the earnest love and sacrifices ofGod the Mother! When I forget the fact that God the Mother walked the path of pains and sorrows because of me, there was no passion in my heart at all!

God the Mother is the key to eternal salvation!

Now, my heart pounds again with passion! God the Mother never stopped Her love toward me when I forget Her great love. I also want to walk the path of Gospel just as God the Mother did!

【1 Kings 7:1~12】 Solomon’s Palace ∥ WMSCOG
Solomon’s officials and governors!