Average life span and the Reason to receive “God the Mother”??

[Average life span? Eternal life without “God the Mother“?]I’m very proud that I’m a member of the WMSCOG! That is, I give all thanks to “God the Mother” who leads me to eternal life. A few days ago, one of my friends asked me, “Are you still a member of the WMSCOG which believes in God the Mother? Why do you believe in Her while other Christians do not?” He has believed in God since childhood. I replied to him, “Yes, I depend on Her for the kingdom of heaven. You ought to receive Her if you truly want to be saved. “God the Mother” has come in the flesh to rescue you and me from death. All the living creatures teach us that we are to receive “God the Mother” for eternal life!”

So many people on this earth. Whatever they try to live longer, no one can live two hundreds of years, regardless of their efforts and conditions. Why do all people have to die when they fill the life span? This thing happens with all living creatures on the earth. Elephants live on average of 60 years. Lions live on average of 20 years. Here, ‘average life span‘? All living creatures around us have ‘average life span‘. Human beings, elephants, lions live together on the same earth with different ‘average life span‘! What’s the fundamental reason for this difference? It’s ‘mother’! Lions live on average for 40 years because their mothers have an average life span of 40 years!

I said to him, “Do you truly want to live forever in heavenly kingdom? Then, you ought to meet the One who can live for ever and ever. That is, God the Savior. Exactly, God the Mother, who is the source of eternal life! All living creatures inherit their ‘average life span’ from their mother. For this reason, the Bible leads us to “God the Mother“, heavenly Jerusalem.” And, said, “Christ Ahnsahnghong has come to this earth to lead us to “God the Mother“. I hope you to receive Elohim God in the WMSCOG!”

  • But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our Mother!♥Galatians 4:26

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