A matter of primary concern in my life!

God the Mother_0617

What’s your greatest concern in your life? Politics? Sports? Or management? We have a matter of common interest. It’s ‘eternal life’ after this world. As for me, ‘eternal life’ is a matter of primary concern in my life. And this is why I give all thanks to “God the Mother” whom Christ Ahnsahnghong revealed as the fountain of the living water. Before receiving Christ Ahnsahnghong and “God the Mother” in the WMSCOG, my greatest concern was fame which will vanish in time. However, while attending the World Mission Society Church of God, I realized how earnestly Elohim God love me.

Before the WMSCOG, I was absolutely indifferent to ‘eternal life’. I care nothing either for the kingdom of heaven or for spiritual life. Never! But, the existence of “God the Mother” in the Bible made a marked change in my thought for the spiritual things. Now, I know that “God the Mother” always prays for my soul. Jerusalem Mother always leads me to Zion to grant me heavenly blessings to the full. She purifies me from sin through the living water. She gives me this living water even though I am not faithful to Her teachings of love. I do not hesitate in saying that none of us can measure the depth of Her boundless love! 

Heartfelt thanks to “God the Mother” who loves me with all Her heart! Christ Ahnsahnghong opened my eyes to recognize God the Mother! 

Realizing God the Mother’s love through a mother cow
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